Clothes are canvases moving through 3D space curated by the wearer.
We tend to call it fashion, but fashion implies to be of temporary style. Is art about temporary significance or is it likely to be unbound from the constraints of time? And what is the border between a painting and fashion and between sculpture and jewellery?
I like to reflect on those cultural definitions that often lack of validity when reviewed in detail. The human body is our temple with "fashion" and "jewellery" as self-determend outer shells. So I prefer to call these removable artistic shells "wearables".


"Adinkra Union Bracelet"
In 2009 I started with 3D printing to create 'jewellery' and other sculptures. As the result of an insive time of experimentation there was one piece that sticked out. The Adinkra Union bracelet. With a seamless design in longitude and latitude, the Adinkra Union is reminding us about infinity of love and creativity. The circular shape is the foundation of equality, gravity and balance of forces within us and outside.



I have also sculpted a finger ring version of the Adinkra Union.


"Kente Ring"
The Kente Ring is raw and bold. It contains a kente pattern in form of a 3D engraving. Kente cloth is more than fashion - It is a language transcoded within the garment. I have extended the knowledge of the Akan code into jewellery. "Wear this wisdom proudly."



Nkrumah "T"
The Nkrumah T is printed by hand using serigraphy.
(currently not available)

"United Diversity T-Shirt" (left)
"Heart of Mankind" (right)

(currently unavailable)

"Judge not"

This is for the poets in this world.
A proverb says: "Judge not your beauty by the number of people who look at you but rather by the number of people who smile at you."


"Adinkra Earrings"