Jamestown is one of the oldest districts of Accra. It's complex structure of organic micro-architecture is said to have been set up on purpose to act as an strategic escape mechanism during the slave trade.
Today it is a vibrant place with historic texture and stories. Jamestown has been a fruitful soil for Ghanaian boxing legends and is also a cultural metropolis during the homowo celebrations of the Ga-Adangbe people and the famous Chale Wote Street Art festival.
I have created a time travel machine that mixed historical figures with idols of the present and speculative characters of the future to highlight the importance of storytelling and heroes in establishing a positive future.
The experience was using Web-AR technology so that everybody could see through the "magic glass" with a common smartphone.
More then hundret thousend people walk along Prof. Atta Mills High St. and witnessed the exhibition containing 4m high banners hanging on the walls of the Usher Fort. The Fort was selected to use the installation to create a hybrid ceremony of digital and analog performance to cure the effects of captivity and violence that was present within the fort for centuries. After beeing used during slave trade, the fort was transformed into a prison.

ARbotage in Jamestown, Accra 2019