Polymorphosis was the beginning of a deep exploration. It was about removing barriers, reflecting on society and (in)justice as well as develping new methods. The intensive Experimentation with a triangle-based stencil-technique has let to a series of paintings that I finally exhibited in 2016 at my first solo show at Gallery Art of Buna in Cologne. The triangle has a special meaning to me since it is the elementary atom of computer generated visuals that has been a part of my artistic expression. It had also technical reasons since the triangulated mesh provides stability, structure and creative freedom while creating the cut out shapes.
In the early beginning I started with writing a script that altered the size of the triangles by taking into account a picture of Kwame Nkrumah. That has led to the initial "Kwame" paintings. Sharing the same surname with Kwame Nkrumah has led to multiple interesting situations that have been inspiration or motivation for the creation of my art. One day a Black package deliverer was handing over a box to my studio and as soon as he read the surname a warm shower rushed over his face and his eyes started to shine brigth. He told me: "Because of your surname, you have the responsiblity to act for a positive future.". This was one of many situations where the life of Kwame Nkrumah resonated in my life. Imagine what kind of progress Africa would have made with Nkrumah, Lumumba and many others who have been killed or exiled just because they fought for independence and equality. This is still valid until today, where several governments and institutions slow down or even hinder the progress of independence and wealth within African states. While living in a society where the self-declared democratic broadcasting stations report extremly narrow and exclusive, I see art as the only way to challenge this. Art can overcome any barrier and wall and therefore I use this as my option to shed light on individual stories that are conditionally muted or transfomed within mass media. There are so many things that are in constructed disorder today that I don't need long to find 'inspiration'. Would art only be about the fight for equality I would feel drained after a short while. I am thankful for the opposing moments and diverse aspects within the creative process that offers vitalisation and empowerment. It feels like breathing and talking to me, what is probably the most natural activity we do as human beeings beside dreaming.
The polymorphosis series was created in the period of leaving the art school and intuitively creating the work I needed to without a surrounding academic environment or commissioned work.


It all started with a Triangle.

"Nkrumah 4x4"
2009, Acrylic Sprayed on Wood.


A teenager killed after buying skittles and arizona ice tee.
His-story is repeating.

"No Reason"
Mixed Media on canvas 2012


It's all about justice.
"Travon", Mixed Media on canvas (2m height)

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-15 um 09.26.46 Kopie

The only constant is change.

"We will change"
Acrylic sprayed on wood, 2010


From mind to the heart is a long way - don't look back.

"Mariama" (left)
Mixed Media, 2012

There is magic in life - believe in its power. Maybe the magic is rather science.

"Reason" (right)
Mixed Media, 2012


Mixed Media (5 versions total)